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Pastured Pork Hams

Lilac Hedge one-pound nitrate-free smoked ham steaks are finely-flavored and contain the perfect balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that only grass-fed meat can provide.

These thin-sliced ham steaks are firm favorites among our customers: tasty, healthy, and ethical. Our regenerative farming practices are great for the land and ensure our pigs have happy, natural lives.

Because our pastured pork hams are smoked but not cooked, ensure that you meet the USDA guidelines for cooking pork. They cook up quick: exactly what you need for ham sandwiches, breakfast dishes, scalloped potatoes, mac and cheese, or an easy alternative to a whole roast.

We love pan frying them on high heat, locking in the juices, and then turning down the heat, adding a splash of water, and covering the pan. They come out moist and delectable.

Whether you like ham sandwiches with a homemade chili relish, mustard, or the pure simplicity of salt and pepper, our smoked ham steaks are irresistible.

Catch us at your local farmer's market for a "meat and greet" with the folks behind your meat! Our products are frozen for your safety and convenience. If you want to buy in bulk, pre-order to avoid disappointment.