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We offer home delivery to the following Counties. Order deadlines close 48 hours prior to your delivery date.

* Worcester County

-Tuesday Deliveries

* Middlesex County

-Wednesday Deliveries

* Essex County

-Friday Deliveries

* Norfolk County

-Thursday Deliveries

* Plymouth County

-Thursday Deliveries

* Bristol County

-Thursday Deliveries

* Suffolk County (Greater Boston Area)

-Thursday Delivieres

* Barnstable County

-Thursday Deliveries

Meat and Seafood is delivered frozen to best preserve the quality of the product

On orders over $150 dollars delivery is FREE.

Delivery fee ranges from $15-$20 and is based on proximity to our farm. There is a $50 minimum order for all home deliveries.  

Refunds: We do our best to fufill all orders. Any refunds will be processed as either a store credit or a check issued.

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