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Pastured Pork Value Bundles

Best of Pork Box

18 LBS. Avg. | 72 4oz. Portions

Save $31.01

Best of The Farm Box

19.5 LBS. Avg. | 78 4oz. Portions

Save $33.40

Half Pig

70 LBS. Avg. | 280 4oz. Portions

Save $81.60

Our pastured pork value bundles give you excellent savings. Lilac Hedge's "best of" packages bring together our most popular products at unbeatable prices.

The "best of pork" box (guaranteed 18 pounds) covers breakfast (nitrate-free smoked bacon, nitrate-free ham steak, and breakfast sausage links) and dinner (tenderloin, bone-in loin chops, and half-rack baby back ribs). Plus, you get comfort foods (butt roast, ground pork, and sweet Italian sausage links). The "best of farm" boxes (guaranteed 19.5 pounds) have two bone-in pork loin chops, nitrate-free bacon, breakfast sausage links, plus fantastic beef and chicken products.

A whole pig gets you 170 pounds of forage-raised pork, roasts, ribs, bacon, chops, and various sausages. A half pig is 75 pounds of premium-quality roasts, ribs, ham, bacon, chops, and three sausage types.

Our pigs live healthy, happy lives; their natural diet is good for the land and creates meat with the perfect balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that your body needs.

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