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Meet the Lilac Hedge Farm Team

  • Ryan MacKay
    Ryan MacKay
  • James Cooper
    James Cooper
    Farm Manager
  • Ashley Guerin
    Ashley Guerin
    Product Manager
  • Heidi Cooper
    Heidi Cooper
    General Manager
  • Erin LaForce
    Erin LaForce
    Packing House & Logistics Manager
  • Susan D'Amico
    Susan D'Amico
    Assistant Manager
  • Ann MacKay
    Ann MacKay
    "Ryan's Mom", Accountant
  • Kara Gravel
    Kara Gravel
    Farmers Markets/Farm Store
  • Kayla Aynesworth
    Kayla Aynesworth
    Shift Lead - Fulfillment Team
  • Elizabeth Mason
    Elizabeth Mason
    Ice Cream Team Manager
  • Marie Bittick
    Marie Bittick
    Administrative Manager
  • Zach Lowe
    Zach Lowe
    Senior Chores Staff