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Pastured Pork Bacon

Smoked Bacon

.75 LB. | PK


Our pastured pork bacon comes from happy pigs eating a natural diet of diverse grasses and free-choice barley and oats. We don't feed them animal by-products, growth hormones, steroid hormones, or prophylactic antibiotics.

Our nitrate-free pork belly bacon tastes great from foraging on diverse grasses in open pastures, smoking, and salt and sugar flavoring. It truly is nitrate-free: no fudging with celery powders or the like.

Buy it plain in three-quarter pound packs or one-pound packages flavored with cracked black pepper or garlic and herb. Create the perfect BLT and the best club sandwiches of your life!

Cut from the loin, Canadian bacon gives you salty flavor but less fat and comes in twelve-ounce packs.

If you're okay with nitrate curing, choose our three-quarter pound vacuum-packed packages of salty, fatty goodness. 

Whatever version of Lilac Hedge bacon you buy, it's pre-sliced for your convenience. Toss it in the skillet, bake it in the oven, then pair it with our free-range eggs. Use it in breakfast burritos, quiches, crumbles, Caesar salad, and burgers. There's hardly any savory dish that our flavor-bomb bacon can't elevate!

Order it online, and collect it at any of our convenient pickup locations in central east Massachusetts.