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Pastured Ground Pork

Ground Pork

1 LB. | PK


Lilac Hedge pastured ground pork comes in vacuum-sealed one-pound packages. It's made from ham and shoulder meat for a light flavor and has a fine crumble when cooked.

You may be trying this product to test a new recipe: welcome to the start of a culinary adventure. Once you have experienced how tasty our responsibly-farmed pork is, you'll keep finding new ways to use it! It's the perfect palette for all sorts of experiments.

When weather permits, rotational grazing benefits our pastures and pigs, who have snug quarters when the weather is inclement. Happy pigs mean healthy meat, and you can rest easy that you aren't feeding your kids any strange hormones.

Use our ground pork in everything from tacos to Asian wraps. Or experience the fine fennel flavor of our Sweet Italian sausage links, minus the casings, in anything from lasagne to meatloaf. Our Signature Collection Maple Brown Sugar patties weigh one-third of a pound and come in a four-pack. Brown sugar, genuine maple syrup, salt, and black pepper perfectly complement the lean pork for a great start to your day. Try it on an English muffin with one of our free-range eggs and a slice of cheese.