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Free Range Eggs

1 Dozen Eggs

1 Doz | PK


What came first — the chicken or the egg? We're not sure. But, we are sure that our eggs come from free-range chickens!

That's right. We let our chickens roam as they please. Instead of cooping them up in cages we let them engage in their natural behaviors. They socialize with other hens, peck diverse grasses, and search for insects on the pasture in warm months. During cold Massachusetts winters, they stay warm and sheltered while still having outdoor access.

Because we prioritize their wellbeing, our chickens produce the best free-range eggs available. They're delicious and full of essential nutrients. To further ensure the quality of our eggs, we nourish them with locally sourced free choice feed, so, you can feel good about feeding these eggs to your family. They make the perfect addition to a wholesome breakfast, whether you serve them scrambled, sunny side up, or over easy. If you don't want them straight up, use them to make French toast or an omelet. They're also perfect for fried rice, cakes, deviled eggs — you name it.

Explore the possibilities by ordering a dozen free-range eggs today. If you want to save, consider ordering in bulk (we have 3, 6, and 15 dozen packages available).