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Pastured Pork Hot Dogs


Natural Casing Frankforts

6 Franks | 12 oz. PK


Do you want the small size of hot dogs, the delectable flavors of chili and cheese without the mess, and ethically-produced meat from healthy free-range cattle and pigs? Are you tired of mystery meat from animals that have spent their entire lives indoors, being fed only grains and hormones?

Our pastured cattle and pigs spend loads of time outdoors, eating their natural diets. Not only is it kinder toward the animals, but it also produces healthier, tastier meat.

Look to our Signature Collection chili & cheddar hot dogs, one of our favorites for a quick lunch. Chuck them on the grill, then serve with potato salads, chips, buns, and your choice of toppings, relishes, and salads. Despite their lovely bite, they aren't too fiery for the youngsters. 

Our natural casing frankfurters are made from a combination of pork and beef and exhibit a great snap without tough skins. Whether you want to create a pork and beans dish or enhance mac and cheese, Lilac Hedge frankfurters are a hit with the young crowd. 

Our pastured pork hot dogs are premium meat products, sold in one-pound packets vacuum-sealed for your protection and convenience; our frankfurters have six links per pack.