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Farm Practices and Values

Learn about what inspires our team to produce high-quality food.

Regenerative Practices & Environmental Stewardship

    Responsibly taking care of our 500 acres of farmland is our top priority. Healthy soils grow healthy crops and, in turn, nourish healthy animals.  We minimize our environmental impact by implementing practices that conserve natural resources, reduce pollution, and protect biodiversity. 

    We are proud to preserve our land and keep it in agriculture. With over 125 acres of fenced-in pasture, untouched by synthetic fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides, our animals move to fresh grass during the growing season. All animals and pastures have a prescribed rotational grazing plan developed in our partnership with the Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS).  

    We care for our own pastures for grazing, as well as the fields that grow our hay which is harvested for year-round consumption. Investing in more land close to home is an investment both in our future as well as the environment.  It ensures the land won't be developed, open space will be maintained, and we do not rely on distant sources to source hay for feed.

    Recycling and repurposing to preserve resources are a priority, as well.  We aid in keeping spent brewers grain from entering landfills by upcycling it to feed our animals who gain the most from itโ€™s nutrition.  We utilize a recycling company to pick up packaging materials and cardboard for a second life and have even turned retired shipping containers into walk-in freezers. 

Animal Well-Being

    Our farm prioritizes the well-being of the livestock by focusing on 3 main areas:

    1. Living Conditions: 

    On the farm, one of the most important decisions we make every day is how to keep our animals safe and comfortable. Our focus is for all of the animals to have space to roam and enjoy their natural environment. We provide each individual species with different outdoor access opportunities while also supplying housing that keeps them clean, safe from predators and the elements, and comfortable in all temperatures.

    Our sheep, cattle, and meat poultry enjoy living on lush pastures and are rotated through fields as the seasons and weather allow. Our egg-laying hens and hogs are provided ample outdoor access, and their housing is made specifically for their species and preferences.  We pride ourselves on happy, healthy animal living conditions. 

    2. Feeding & Nutrition: 

    Our cattle and sheep are grass-fed whose diet consists of fresh pasture grazing, when the weather allows, along with stored grasses of hay and silage in the months when they cannot graze. We work with our on-farm nutritionists to balance their dry and silage hay rations as well as supplement in free choice minerals and a healthy boost of spent brewer's grain when our local brewery friends have it available. We take pride in mitigating food waste and working with a local brewer to responsibly utilize this excellent source of energy and protein for our animals that benefit from it.

    Our poultry (chicken and turkey), and hogs are provided locally sourced free-choice grains tailored to their species and age stage, consisting of oats, barley, corn, or soybeans. Our grain is sourced from locally-based companies whose on-farm teams work with our nutrition strategies and management practices, examining our forage quality and other data to help pinpoint exact rations for optimal animal performance and health.  We prioritize feed sources that are as close to us as possible to minimize our environmental impact and the distance between those farms and our own. 

    3. Health & Veterinary Care: 

    We monitor the health of our herds daily and rely on our knowledgeable staff to focus on both disease prevention and treatment of sick or injured animals.  Our head livestock team boasts degrees in both farm management and animal herd health, and we utilize that knowledge coupled with top-of-the-line veterinary care to focus on both disease prevention and treatment of sick or injured animals. Our farmers work hard to lead an organized breeding program that focuses on genetics.  This helps ensure healthy mothers, babies, and growth during their life on the farm.  

    Hormones and steroids are never administered to any of our animals. They are never fed antibiotics or animal by-products.  Our careful production practices eliminate the need for preventative doses of medications (called sub-therapeutic, a daily low-level dose) that are used in other production methods. However, we believe is imperative to share that our animals deserve responsible care. In cases where medications will help prevent animals from death or suffering, we responsibly use therapeutic (spot treatment) medications. In such cases, all medications are precisely administered and the prescribed withdrawal period is adhered to before the animal is harvested. We believe in the ethical treatment of our livestock, and this exception is the most responsible and practical way to care for our animals.