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Rotational Grazing

With over 100 acres of fenced in pasture, animals are moved to fresh grass every day or every few days depending on their prescribed rotational grazing plan. These grazing plans have been developed by us in partnership with the Natural Resource Conservation Service to figure out the ideal animal stocking density, forage types (planted grasses) and rest periods for the grass to regrow. This is the best management practice for our animals, soils and enviorment


All our meat is processed at local Federal and State inspected slaughterhouses in New England. Our primary red meat processor is located just 30 minutes from the farm. Their handling facilities were designed by Temple Grandin, who is world renowned in humane slaughter design. All of our meat is hand cut by skilled artisan butchers based on our meticulous cutting instructions


From the day an animal arrives or is born at our farm it is treated with the utmost respect and given 100% of our efforts to give it the best life possible. Every life has meaning, and we do whatever it takes to help an animal thrive and prosper. Our animals are never given growth hormones or steroids.

Family Values

Our farm exists because of the friends, family and community of workers that keep it running. Days are measured by tasks accomplished, not hours spent, and requires a team effort to make every aspect of this farm function. We feel every child deserves to grow up around the farm, feed newborn chicks, bale hay, and learn life's lesson that cant be taught through a computer screen.