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Pastured Pork Sausages

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Here at Lilac Hedge, we raise our pigs without animal by-products or hormones, but with free access to locally-milled grains and plenty of grazing on carefully-managed prime pasture.

Our pastured pork sausages include perennial favorite sweet Italian, whose pepper and fennel notes are also available in ground form. Hot Italian brings in piquant paprika, while our simple garlic sausages stand out in dishes like bangers and mash.

Oven roast our sausages with vegetables, add to pasta dishes, or create a standout burrito with black beans and our smoky, spicy chorizo.

We offer kielbasa for you to experiment with: it goes great with all sorts of meals., not only Polish ones.

Our smaller, chewier breakfast sausages are a great way to start your day, while our Maine variation has juicy blueberries and authentic maple syrup.

Our Signature Collection includes Philly cheese steak links (with beef), maple-brown sugar pork sausage patties (great for breakfast sandwiches), and beer and cheddar bratwurst with all the rich flavors of traditional brats. Grill them in your yard, and serve brats with buns, chips, and whatever toppings you prefer.

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