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Black Angus Ground Beef

Ground Beef

1 LB. | PK


6 oz. Burger Patties

(3) 6 oz. Patties | PK


8 oz. Burger Patties

(2) 8 oz. Patties | PK


Bacon Burger Patties

(2) 8 oz. Patties | PK


Signature Burger Patties

(2) 8 oz. Patties | PK


Ground beef is a staple in the kitchen, acting as the foundation for countless meals. A myriad of seasonings can be added to create delicious dishes ranging from savory to spicy.

Our Black Angus ground beef options come in 1 lb packages or packages of several patties ready for cooking. You can order as many as you need for one meal, or you can bulk up for the future.

This versatile meat is hearty and delectable, taking any meal of the week from standard to superior. Turn it into patties, chili, and more!

Our product comes from pasture-raised and grazed cattle, meaning that the quality is unlike any other. Straight from the farm to your plate, our cows live healthy, excellent lives, and it shows in the taste and texture of our meat.

Our delicious ground mixture is free from any antibiotics, steroids, gluten, or hormones, so you know you’re putting pure meat into your diet. Great for grilling as a patty or crumbling into your tacos or salads, our blend of Black Angus ground beef is the best way to add a bit of extra protein to your meals every week.

Order online or pick up nearby to start cooking with farm-fresh ground beef!