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Black Angus Beef Value Bundles

Best of Beef Box

16 LBS. Avg. | 64 4oz. Portions

Save $35.69

Premium Steak Box

10.5 LBS. Avg.

Save $34.00

Best of The Farm Box

19.5 LBS. Avg. | 78 4oz. Portions

Save $33.40

Quarter Cow

85 LBS. Avg. | 340 4oz. Portions

Save $188.75

Half Cow

190 LBS. Avg. | 720 4 oz. Portions

Save $645.29

Bundle and save on your favorite cuts to ensure you’re stocked with plenty of meat to last. From packages that vary from 10.5 lbs on average to 190 lbs on average, you can feed the whole family with a meat-lovers feast!

Whether you want to impress your relatives with the best steaks they’ll ever eat or you want to bulk up with half a cow, we’ve got you covered.

With our delicious Black Angus Beef Value Bundles, you receive an assortment of cuts that customers love, such as burgers, roast, and steaks! Pasture-raised and grazed cattle are where the best cuts are, and you can’t stop at just one.

Rather than make one fantastic meal with your purchase, why not order in bulk? You’ll save time and money by ordering ahead and eating well later.

This is an unbeatable deal that provides plenty of portions for everyone! Our cows are never fed drugs or antibiotics but instead graze freely on our pastures. This lifestyle benefits not only the cow but the meat as well! It’s rich, tender, and mouth-watering. While the exact weight and cut vary in each bundle, this is a deal you won’t want to pass up.

Order one of our prized Black Angus beef value bundles ahead and enjoy the decadent meals to come!