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Black Angus Beef Sausage


1 LB. | PK


Sausage is a delectable specialty that can be added to any meal. Whether you want to enjoy it with eggs at breakfast or with sauerkraut at dinner, our Black Angus beef sausage is an amazing addition to your plate.

Hearty kielbasa is a must due to its versatility and flavor. From veggie-centered meals to pasta or potato soup, this Polish-style sausage elevates any dish with a signature taste that delights your culinary palate.

We also offer Philly-style links from our signature collection, providing a premium blend of beef and pork for every customer to enjoy. You can grill them however you like to get the delectable and distinctive flavor you love, all while knowing our meat comes from farmers that care.

Our products are farm fresh and never raised on antibiotics and hormones. Instead, our pigs and cows live healthy lives grazing in our pastures. They enjoy the outdoors on rotation pastures, weather permitting, to provide the best quality meat.

Every package comes vacuum sealed to maintain freshness, so you can savor the flavor with every meal. 

Order now to have your next meal delivered to your door or at a convenient pickup location. Once you taste greatness, you’ll never go back to other products that can’t compare.