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Black Angus Beef: Stew Meat

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When it comes to the best types of beef, Black Angus takes the cake. It's super tender and features even marbling, resulting in consistent juiciness and flavor.

If you want to enjoy all that Black Angus beef has to offer, shop our collection today. We offer high-quality meat thanks to how we raise our cattle.

On our farm, our cows live on rolling pastures. They feed on fresh grass during the growing season. When the Massachusets winter hits, they eat stored silage that is rich in nutrients. Most importantly, we never utilize hormones or steroids.

As a result, you and your family can enjoy the natural Black Angus beef that you deserve. We have a wide variety of cuts, including kielbasa, boneless rib roasts, burgers, and tenderloin steaks. Each cut we sell is just as tender and flavorful as Black Angus should be. (If you want something unique, check out our beef tongue, heart, or liver.)

Getting ready for a BBQ? Planning a dinner for a special occasion? Just need to make something for a weeknight meal? Our Black Angus beef is perfect for any occasion. Shop today to get products delivered frozen right to your door.