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Corned Beef

Corned Beef

$12.99/lb. Avg. 3 lb.
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For your St. Patrick's Day celebration we have our brisket pieces cut, brining, and ready to cook.

Our red corned beef weighs 2-4 pounds (avg. 3 pounds) per piece. We recommend buying an extra for the freezer; corned beef is delicious in so many applications: sandwiches, corned beef hash, Reuben strata, or even a corned beef meat pie!

Please note, we are selling the corned beef pieces fresh, and they can be kept fresh well past the holiday because of the brine they are packed in (similarly to how pickles have a long refrigerated shelf life!). We do pack orders the day before delivery and at that time the fresh corned beef will enter the freezer packed in their insulated boxes with your other ordered items. Don't fret if this fresh, never frozen cut is a bit firm on the outside upon arrival, it's not been frozen just kept nice and cold to prepare for deliveries and pickups!

If you would prefer to choose the exact ingredients you brine your corned beef in, or just prefer a grey corned beef, we also offer whole and pieced beef brisket and top round roast cuts that you can make yourself following your desired recipe, too. 



Cured with: Water, Salt, Sugar, Sodium Nitrate, Dextrose, Red #3, less than 1% glycerine to prevent caking. In case you're wondering, yes this product does contain nitrates as a brined/cured item. Naturally highly occurring in things like spinach and bokchoy, nitrates also are added to most types of ham, hot dogs, and salami. Even if the label says uncured or no nitrates added, these items come in many label forms such as "saltpeter" or even "celery powder". (Celery is grown in nitrate treated fields to absorb it, be harvested, and processed to be added to foods as a natural nitrate source). The good news is meat products are only a small portion of your daily nitrate intake, as most of the nitrates we consume in our everyday diets come from vegetables. Of course, if you prefer to avoid them all together we have beautiful briskets and top round roasts available as well.

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