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Local Produce

Seasonal produce aggregated from our Massachusetts farming friends.

Seasonal Produce Box

1/2 Bushel | Seasonal Variety Box

Who doesn't love fresh fruit and veggies? Delicious and nutritious, they are the perfect addition to many dishes. If you struggle to find good produce at your local grocery store, you can count on our selection. We work with the best farmers throughout Massachusetts to bring you your seasonal favorites.

Trust us when we say that our partners provide quality produce every time. Many follow Integrated Pest Management Practices and exclusively use Organic Materials Review Institute pesticides. After working with our partners for years and developing close relationships with them, we couldn't be more proud to offer their produce.

This mixed seasonal box is filled with preselected fresh fruit and veggies. What you get will vary depending on the time of year. This variety is perfect as it takes the work out of choosing which items you want. It also ensures you get fruits and veggies relevant to your favorite seasonal dishes.

Ready to make a healthy, delicious choice for your family? Order our fresh fruits and veggies today. We offer affordable and dependable produce all year long. Best of all, you will no longer have to rely on your grocery store's questionable selection.