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Bone-In Skin-On Chicken Thighs

Bone-In Skin-On Chicken Thighs

3-4 Pieces Per Pack
$8.99 /lb.
Avg. 1.5 lb.

Similar to chicken breasts in their versatility, our locally-raised chicken thighs stand out in the kitchen regarding flavor. Being dark meat, thighs provide ample flavor to any dish. The thighs have a higher fat content than the breast, making them a very juicy cut of chicken. Because of this, they are also very forgiving when cooked, whereas breasts can dry out quickly when cooking.

When cooked on their own in a little bit of oil, our pasture-raised thighs produce a succulent and flavorful piece of meat with a beautifully crispy skin that is delicious to the last bite. Add our thighs to a rich sauce for a great weeknight meal packed with flavor and nutrition.

Looking for a new recipe to enjoy your chicken thighs? Kara's favorite way to prepare thighs is pan-searing them in olive oil and spices like rosemary, sage, garlic, and onions, then plating them with fig jam on top. The sweet addition to the savory, crispy flavors and textures brings the whole dish together; it's a staple when she can find a good fig jam!

Our vacuum-sealed packages of pasture-raised chicken thighs have an average of 2-4 thighs per package and weigh around 1.5 lbs. Thanks to customer feedback on packaging, we switched to recyclable plastic trays for this chicken cut. These trays are designed to provide accessible, mess-free thawing; these curbside recyclable trays reduce waste and prolong product "shelf life" by reducing broken seal packages. Because our broiler chickens are straight-run, meaning that both male and female birds live together, they grow at different rates, so the size of the chicken thighs can vary when processing. 

These birds have the best life possible when on our farm. When the weather permits, rotational grazing allows for the best health of the animals while also enabling proper stewardship of the pastures. They are also provided a free choice of locally milled grains to ensure they have the best nutrients. Our animals are never fed animal by-products and are never given growth hormones or steroids.

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