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Uncured Beef Black Truffle Salametti

Uncured Beef Black Truffle Salametti

2 oz package

Introducing our Uncured Beef Black Truffle Salametti – the perfect addition to your charcuterie board or a savory snack on its own! Made with premium quality, hand-selected beef and infused with real black truffles, this delicious salametti offers a mouthwatering sensory experience for any meat lover.

Our salametti is cured naturally, without the use of any synthetic nitrates or nitrites, ensuring that you are getting a healthier and more natural product. The combination of juicy, seasoned beef and rich black truffle creates a flavor profile that is unmatched by any other cured meat on the market.

Our Uncured Beef Black Truffle Salametti is ideal for those who appreciate a quality snack with an intense and distinct flavor. It is perfect for any occasion, whether it be a quick bite at work, a party appetizer, or a snack to enjoy while watching your favorite movie.

You can feel good about indulging in our salametti knowing that it is made with the best ingredients and is free from any unnecessary additives. So take a bite, and experience the unique and delicious flavor that can only come from our Uncured Beef Black Truffle Salametti!



No Nitrates or Nitrites added except those naturally occurring in Sea Salt and Celery Juice Powder. Beef, Salt, Spices, Black Truffle Oil, Black Truffle Peelings, Celery Juice Powder