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Gluten Free

Gluten is a protein that is found in cereal grains, especially wheat and is responsible for the elastic texture in dough. A mixture of two proteins, gluten causes illness in people with celiac disease. Most of our products are naturally gluten free, but for items that are mixed with spices and seasonings we use this description to confirm their ingredients to not include any form of gluten.

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Sugar Free

No added sugars or sweeteners.

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Pasture Raised & Grazed

On the farm one of the most important decisions we make every day is how to keep our animals safe and comfortable. Our focus is for all of the animals to have space to roam and enjoy their natural environment. We provide each individual species with different outdoor access opportunities while also supplying housing that keeps them clean, safe from predators and the elements, and comfortable in all temperatures.

Our sheep, cattle, and meat poultry enjoy living on lush pastures and are rotated through fields as the seasons and weather allow. They are rotationally grazed through different sections of pasture on specified schedules, depending on their species, care plans, optimal animal health and responsible pasture management.

Our egg laying hens and hogs are provided ample outdoor access and their housing is made specifically for their species and preferences. Our new hog barn is designed with different areas for different age animals as well as "curtain" sides that roll up and down for maximum air flow as the weather permits. Although our hens usually prefer the shade and predator protection of their hen house, where we keep their fresh water and food, they have outdoor space to roam, dust bathe, search for bug snacks, and soak up sunshine in warmer months.

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Nourished with Local Grain

These animals are provided locally sourced free-choice grains such as oats, barley, corn or soybeans. Our grain is sourced from locally based companies whose on-farm teams work with us on nutrition strategies, management practices, examining our forage quality, and other data to help pinpoint exact rations for optimal animal performance and health.

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Grass Fed

Our animals that are grass fed have a diet that consists of fresh pasture grazing, when the weather allows, along with stored grasses of hay and silage in the months when they are not able to graze. We work with on-farm nutritionists to balance their dry and silage hay rations as well as supplement in free choice minerals and a healthy boost of spent brewer's grain when our local brewery friends have it available. We take pride in mitigating food waste and working with a local brewer to responsibly utilize this excellent source of energy and protein for our animals that benefit from it.

Supplementation with the brewers grain is especially beneficial during years when we do not have enough access to high-protein content second-cut hay, because the protein content in the brewers grain helps fill that nutritional gap. It is particularly helpful when feeding pregnant and mother cows who are nursing to ensure they receive proper nutrition even through the coldest of months when their extra calories are especially important.

Did you know even the American Grassfed Association does not require extension of their "100% grassfed" claim to any of their breeding animals? We're happy to choose proper nutrition of each of our specific animals based on their specific needs.

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No Hormones or Steroids

Hormones and steroids are never administered to our animals.

(The FDA does not allow the use or hormones in the production of pork or poultry.)

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*Never Fed Drugs or Antibiotics

Our careful production practices eliminate the need for preventative doses of medications (called sub therapeutic, a daily low-level dose) that are used in other production methods.

However, we believe that animals deserve responsible care and in cases to prevent animals from death or sufferings we do allow use of therapeutic (spot treatment) medications. In such cases all medications are precisely administered and the prescribed withdrawal period is adhered to before the animal is harvested. We believe in ethical treatment of our livestock and this exception is the most responsible and practical way to care for our animals.

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No Animal By-Products

Our animals are raised without feeding any animal by-products.

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Wild Caught

Wild caught fish and seafood are caught in natural environments such as oceans, rivers and lakes and never mass farm-raised.

Our seafood offerings are from Red's Best Seafood and is wild caught, with the exception of salmon which is not permitted for wild catch in the Atlantic Ocean; it is instead ocean-raised.

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USDA Inspected

 All of our slaughter is done at USDA inspected facilities.

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