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Pasture Raised Chicken: Roasts

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Looking for pasture-raised chicken products? Look no further than Lilac Hedge Farm.

We do poultry farming like no other. All of our chickens have outdoor access and consume natural locally sourced feed. They get to socialize with one another and participate in other natural behaviors such as pecking, scratching, and socializing. And we never use hormones or steroids.

By putting our chickens' health first, we can offer the best poultry products available. All of our cuts are delicious, tender, and free of harmful additives. Trust us when we say that you can feel good about serving our pastured poultry to your family.

Not sure what you want to make? Just take a look at our selection for inspiration! We have just about every cut you can think of. Our drumsticks and wings are delicious on the grill and will take your BBQ to the next level. For a yummy, filling breakfast, choose our chicken sausage. If you want a restaurant-quality meal, you can't go wrong with our marinated chicken tenders.

Ready to try our pastured poultry for yourself? Place your pastured poultry order today! We can deliver your order right to your door. Or, we can prepare your order for pick up at a location near you.