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Pastured Chicken Value Bundles

Best of The Farm Box

19.5 LBS. Avg. | 78 4oz. Portions

Save $33.40

Best of Chicken Box

23 LBS. Avg. | 92 4 oz. Portions

Save $34.29

Discover a new level of convenience and value as you explore our meticulously curated pastured chicken value bundles. We offer an abundance of deliciousness within our 19 or 23-pound options, each tailored to showcase our top-selling cuts. Stock up your freezer, all just a click away!

Our larger quantities are thoughtfully packaged separately for your ease. Reimagine your kitchen with a bounty of premium cuts, always within reach.

Experience more than just savings; you're investing in sustainability. Embrace the ethos of pasture-based agriculture, fostering healthier ecosystems. Witness nature's resilience as pastures combat sediment erosion, reduce phosphorus runoff and improve carbon sequestration.

Our commitment to ethical sourcing is at the heart of it all. With a history steeped in tradition and community, Lilac Hedge Farm thrives through the dedication of its extended family—friends, workers, and generations past.

Our pledge to excellence ensures you always serve the finest. Whether a last-minute family feast or a stock-up for your cherished small business, our premium grass-fed meats delight on every occasion.

Step beyond the home kitchen as local food trucks and restaurants embrace this culinary renaissance. Elevate your establishment's appeal with direct farm-to-table sourcing. Dining amid rising demand for "grass-fed" excellence appeals to an eco-conscious clientele. 

Order our bulk-discount options and savor the tastiness of farm-direct goodness.