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Pastured Chicken Bones

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When the chill arrives early, what's the culinary remedy? Soup! Enjoy natural homemade stock from pastured chicken bones and reap its health benefits. Crafting your soups from scratch using our pasture-raised chicken's backs unlocks a world of flavors.

By opting for our pasture-raised chicken bones, you bypass the need to dissect a whole chicken—you can swiftly dive into your stock-making journey. Savor natural richness, housing nourishing marrow within, enhancing your recipes considerably.

Creating nutrient-dense stocks is a breeze. Toss into a pot with veggies, spices, water, and herbs like carrots, onions, and bay leaves. After a quick simmer, you'll wake up to a delectable base for your soup. 

Your dishes will resonate with deep, authentic flavors. Busy? You can purchase our ready-made chicken stock, crafted solely from our chicken bones and water—you season it as you wish.

What sets us apart? Our approach is all about reaping nature's bounty. Our chickens actively engage with the earth, cultivating it as they forage, scratch, and peck. This natural activity enriches the soil. 

We prioritize the well-being of our chickens, raising them in mobile coop houses relocated every few days, ensuring they enjoy fresh grass, and their positive impact on the farm ecosystem is immeasurable, boosting the quality of all our products.