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Whole, Half, & Quarter Animals

Half Cow

190 lbs. Avg. | 760 4oz. Portions
$441.69 savings
$2,441.68 $1,999.99

Quarter Cow

90 lbs. Avg. | 360 4oz. Portions
$150.88 savings
$1,150.87 $999.99

Buying meat in bulk has many benefits. You'll always have enough on hand to feed hungry family members and guests. Plus, you'll save lots of money.

Ready to stock up? Make space in your freezer and start shopping our bulk savings collection. You'll find all the best deals on whole pigs, cows, and lambs. By purchasing our whole animals, you'll get to enjoy a variety of cuts that you can use for tons of different dishes.

If you don't have room for whole animals, never fear. We also sell quarter and half pigs, cows, and lambs. These sizes will still let you enjoy a variety of cuts while saving you freezer space.

Other popular options in our bulk savings collection include our samplers and multipacks. Steak, sausage, and chicken packages come with all the best meat that's ready for the grill. If you want to customize your order, be sure to choose the “Build Your Own Bundle” option. From hot dogs and chicken thighs to ground lamb, you'll find all the meat you could want.

Like all of our products, our bulk products come from pasture-raised livestock. So, you get high-quality meat without breaking the bank. Shop our bulk savings collection today.