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Mixed Seasonal Produce Box

Mixed Seasonal Produce Box

1/2 Bushel | Variety Box
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We're starting to see fresh herbs and greens! Now that we're in the middle of may boxes are starting to see rhubarb, chives, garlic chives, fiddleheads, ramps, spring garlic, asparagus, sunflower shoots, and so much more!

Some winter storage items still are available and included in boxes, so here's a note on those details:

**Winter weekly inclusions note**: Because of the limited amount of winter growers and suppliers, we anticipate that boxes will change mid-week based on delivery and availability schedules. For example, early week boxes may receive a clamshell of greens and later week boxes may receive extra apples or mushrooms to make up for the cost if more greens are no longer available. This is more rare with the root vegetables but for items with less shelf stability (greens, hothouse tomatoes, mushrooms) it is possible.

Because boxes will be changing weekly based on different delivery schedules and availability from our farmer friends, we won't be listing a specific "inclusion" list for some of the weeks through the winter. Please view the "ingredients" list here on our product description for some examples of items that we have access to during cold storage months.


Our produce box is a half-bushel mixed seasonal produce box that includes a variety of items available from our partnered farms based on the time of year. We pack in half bushels and will deliver a full box valued per the grower's set retail price of at least $40.00. Boxes include between 10-12 different products weekly depending on quantities and values of each item included. Some weeks will have more variation, some less.  

(The current week inclusions are listed above.)

We work with nearly 20 farms depending on the time of year and who is growing what. We do not require organic certification from the farmers, but many are certified or practice using only OMRI pesticides or follow Integrated Pest Management Practices. We know all of the farmers we work with and are proud to offer their items as they are seasonally available. 

*EXCLUSIONS and SUBSTITUTIONS are not accepted.* We understand a pre-selected box is not a fit for everyone and support you purchasing directly from your local farmers to get exactly what you enjoy and what fits your family. Buy local! 

The inclusions will change weekly, or even on days of the week, as availability presents itself from our farmer friends at collaborating farms.


We are careful to select producers who use the most natural methods possible, so unlike much food in the grocery stores these products are not treated with the same coatings that preserve their longevity. With this in mind, we ask you to make sure that upon arrival you keep most of these veggies in the refrigerator.

All roots and greens do best when kept mildly moist, so many people wrap them in a damp paper towel enclosed in a bag or container in the refrigerator to extend their life. With all of this in mind, our producers do not utilize chemicals post-harvest to extend the life of their vegetables so take care of them and consume them quickly. 

Please keep in mind that all storage crops do best in cool temperatures. Potatoes and squash, although generally fine on "the counter", do best in mid-50s. Because these are New England storage crops, the way they are handled is very important.



Winter items that rotate and may be included week-to-week: Box staples will rotate between types of potatoes (sweet, yukon, red) as well as onion (yellow, red). Apples will be present weekly and varieties will depend on which are coming out of freshly opened storage facilities at Carlson Orchards. As they are available we will also include a container of fresh cut greenhouse greens whether it be spinach, salad mix, etc. Winter squash will also rotate as it is available and mushrooms will make an appearance periodically. Roots will be standard and all are perfect for roasting. Parsnips will be available in December and into January as long as supplies last, and carrots are a winter favorite of ours in all colors. Turnips are a favorite as well and will be in different varieties as available from purple top to scarlet. Lots of cabbage family items from different heads of cabbage to kohlrabi (purple and green), brussels sprouts, and more. Radishes, especially large storage types such as colorful daikon and watermelon varieties. Beets will rotate and come in different colors from traditional red to golden, and even Chioggia with a pink/white candy stripe inside.