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Mixed Seasonal Produce Box

Mixed Seasonal Produce Box

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Our produce box is a half-bushel mixed seasonal produce box that includes a variety of items available from our partnered farms based on the time of year. We pack in half bushels and will deliver a full box valued per the grower's set retail price of at least $40.00. Boxes include between 8-12 different products weekly depending on quantities and values of each item included. Some weeks will have more variation, some less.  

(The current week inclusions are listed below. For the month of May we will continue to add in storage crops while we are gaining access to fresh greens, asparagus and herbs coming in- just the nature of local spring in New England.)

We work with nearly 20 farms depending on the time of year and who is growing what. We do not require organic certification from the farmers, but many are certified or practice using only OMRI pesticides or follow Integrated Pest Management Practices. We know all of the farmers we work with and are proud to offer their items as they are seasonally available. 

*EXCLUSIONS and SUBSTITUTIONS are not accepted.* We understand a pre-selected box is not a fit for everyone and support you purchasing directly from your local farmers to get exactly what you enjoy and what fits your family. Buy local! 

The inclusions will change weekly, or even on days of the week, as availability presents itself from our farmer friends at collaborating farms.

WEEK OF 5.11-5/15

Asparagus (LOTS!), mushrooms, 1 pound spinach, carrots, apples, butternut squash, onion, potatoes.

Previous Week:

Fiddleheads, radish bunches, shiitake & oyster mushrooms, apples, potatoes, onion, carrots, beets.

Wednesday and later boxes will have less of some items listed above and will have asparagus included as well.


As a note as we get into “storage crop” season, many inclusions aside from greens are storage crops. They have been kept at their current stage in very specific conditions of both temperature and humidity. We are also careful to select producers who use the most natural methods possible, so unlike much food in the grocery stores these products are not treated with the same coatings that preserve their longevity. With this in mind, we ask you to make sure that upon arrival you keep the inclusions nice and cool, whether it be in the refrigerator (leafy items especially) or in a cold storage location such as a cellar. Root vegetables (beets, radish, carrots) do best when kept cold and a bit moist, so keeping them in a bag in your refrigerator in a damp paper towel can help keep them for longer periods of time. We keep boxes of items like apples, potatoes, squash, and onions in our garage at my house so they stay nice and cold without freezing, and then bring them in when we know we’ll use them within the next couple of days. Many of these items, the root vegetables especially, will last weeks or even months if kept in these nice cold temperatures. 

The Beauty of Root Vegetables:

Even if you don't like the spice that radishes usually hold, winter storage varieties are much milder and may surprise you! Of course you can eat any of these vegetables raw, but if you prefer a sweeter or milder flavor, roasting is the way to go. Just cube them up in similar sizes if roasting so they cook evenly and don’t be afraid to use higher temperature (I use 425 with my convection setting to get an “air fryer” vibe). You can either eat them roasted warm of course, or if you do enjoy salads I love chilled roasted radishes on my salad with steak or chicken. Our kids will eat them on a salad like that too! 

Many people that do ketogenic diets use roasted turnip and radish mashed as a potato substitute— we don't have any desire to take away our taters but we do mash and combine purple daikon with potatoes to lighten them up. 

Don't shy away from trying them on anything. For example, people use slices or raw roots on top of tacos for garnish. To remove the spice of a radish or turnip flavor we slice thin and then sauté to cook, then mix them in tacos with meat and lettuce and the regular goods. 

If you're feeling really creative take a look at all the ways that beets can be incorporated and snuck into baked goods like brownies for their sweetness: you won't even know they are there!




Winter items that rotate and may be included week-to-week: (see photo for identification of some lesser recognizable items) This is items such as winter squash, different color carrots, beets, unique radish varieties, yellow and red onions, yellow and white potatoes, different varieties of sweet potatoes, cabbages, turnips, rutabaga, and of course apples as they're available! We look forward to including cut and bunched greens and even some herbs as they are available some weeks, and delicious mushrooms and other unique items may be included as well. Parsnips will return as spring-dug, frost-sweetened treats in March!

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