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London Broil Steak

London Broil Steak

1 Per PK | 1" Thick
$12.99 /lb.
Avg. 1 lb.

This cut of steak is great for keeping costs low in your budget while still being able to enjoy  delicious grass fed steak at home! This steak is more lean, which lends it to being a little tougher if not prepared properly.  We recommend marinating the London broil for a few hours, but for the best results overnight is optimal.  When cooking, broiling in the oven is the best way to go, or a quick grilling will do the trick as well.  In order to make sure the steak is not too tough, we highly suggest not cooking past medium as overcooking will make the meat tough, no matter how long it has been marinating. They are great with a side of potatoes or roasted vegetables and will make a quick and easy steak dinner for your midweek meal. 

Our pasture-raised London broil steaks come in average 14 oz. packages of premium beef that are vacuum-sealed for freshness. These cows have the best life possible when on our farm. From the moment they are born or brought to our farm, our animals are treated with the utmost respect.  When the weather permits, rotational grazing allows for the best health of the animals while also enabling proper stewardship of the pastures. Our animals are never fed animal by-products and are never given growth hormones or steroids.

Try our delicious London Broil Steaks by ordering online to pick up at one of our many convenient pickup locations, for home delivery or visit our farm stand and see the other products we offer from local, small businesses and become inspired to create amazing dishes in your kitchen!

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