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Gouda Cheese Spread with Wine

Gouda Cheese Spread with Wine

8 oz. | Pkg.

Savor the fusion of sophistication with Smith's Gouda Cheese Spread infused with wine. 

Immerse yourself in the velvety smoothness of pasture-raised Gouda, expertly blended with the rich undertones of carefully selected wines. This artisanal creation brings together the best of both worlds, offering a delightful symphony of flavors that dance on your taste buds. 

Elevate your tasting experience with this small-batch masterpiece, crafted with passion and precision. Enjoy the perfect balance of cheese and wine in every luscious bite. Cheers to a pairing that transcends expectations!



Cheese (raw whole milk, cultures, enzymes, salt) whey powder, butter (cream, salt), salt, guar gum, potassium sorbate, port wine, natural burgundy food color (radish, beet, purple carrot, maltodextrin, citric acid, vegetable gum).