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Flank Steak

Flank Steak

1 Per PK
$18.99 /lb.
Avg. 1.25 lb.

One of our best cuts of meat for marinating and quick cooking.  Now being offered in a smaller, 1 lb. average package, it is more manageable for many of our customers. 

Our flank steak is lean and flavorful with your favorite marinade and once cooked, we suggest slicing it against the grain for a tender and juicy dinner. Marinades with both a fat and acid in a 3:1 ratio tend to be our favorites on these more flavorful and potentially tougher cuts. 

Our staff loves using it to make fajitas or serving it with a chimichurri sauce for their dinners. Or, try a new snack and make your own beef jerky at home! One of our employees, Kara, uses any marinade she has on hand and lets the meat sit for up to 48 hours in her fridge, then slicing against the grain and dehydrating in her oven for a few hours.  It is a great snack that is high in protein and nutrients without the extra preservatives that most jerky has. 

Our pasture-raised flank steaks come in packages averaging around one pound of premium beef that are vacuum sealed for freshness. These cows have the best life possible when on our farm. From the moment they are born or brought to our farm, our animals are treated with the utmost respect.  When the weather permits, rotational grazing allows for the best health of the animals while also enabling proper stewardship of the pastures. Our animals are never fed animal by-products and are never given growth hormones or steroids.

Try our delicious flank steak by ordering online to pick up at one of our many convenient pickup locations, for home delivery, or visit our farm stand and see the other products we offer from local, small businesses and become inspired to create amazing dishes in your kitchen!

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