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Duck Leg Quarters

Duck Leg Quarters

1.25 lbs Avg. | pkg

Two tender duck leg quarters, bone-in and skin-on to attain that nice crispy exterior.

We prefer to pan roast our duck and stick to two main rules for the best results: First, scoring the skin so the fat can render as efficiently as possible. Second, start with a cold pan and a paper towel dried leg quarter and cook it low and slow to optimize the fat rendering time and maintain tender meat while achieving a crispy skin. Of course, we always suggest to use those little brown bits that develop in the pan while cooking to make a decadent sauce to top it all off.

Our ducks are the Peking breed.

Please note, there are very few local options to process waterfowl as they are much harder to clean than chickens due to their excess of down and feathers coated with their natural body oils for water repelling. Although our processors are as detailed as possible, it is likely you will see residual pinfeathers on your duck that you may prefer to remove while you are drying and preparing your duck for cooking.