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Beef Brisket

Beef Brisket

2-4 LBS
$11.99/lb. Avg. 3 lb.
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Beef brisket is a staple in many barbeque smokehouses across the country because of its ability to be cooked low and slow with amazing results. This muscle is the breast of the cows, meaning that it is used a lot in movement.  This makes the meat a little tougher, but with some loving, it can be tender, flavorful and delicious! Braising, slow roasting and smoking are the ideal methods of cooking this cut of meat, making it great for a hearty meal in the winter or a delicious barbecue showstopper for your next summer party. 

With the slow cooking method, there are a ton of ways to change up the usual braised brisket and make new and exciting meals that family and friends will love. By using Latin American inspired spices, you can make beef chili or tacos that are flavorful and delicious for a midweek meal. For those with a smoker and have leftover smoked brisket, it can be used for a topping to nachos! Or use an Asian inspired glaze for a new flavor adventure. Even make your own French Dip sandwiches at home! There are many possibilities to make new meals that your family will love with our brisket. 

As a note, our briskets are cut in two different cuts, the flat and the point cuts. If you would prefer one or the other, please make a note of it in your order notes before placing your order online. 

Our beef brisket comes in between two and four pound packages of premium beef that are vacuum sealed for freshness. These cows have the best life possible when on our farm. From the moment they are born or brought to our farm, our animals are treated with the utmost respect.  Rotational grazing when the weather permits allows our animals the best health while also allowing proper stewardship of the pastures. Our animals are never fed animal by products and are never given growth hormones or steroids. 

Try our delicious beef brisket by ordering online to pick up at one of our many convenient pickup locations, home delivery, or visit our farm stand today and see all the other products we have to offer from local small businesses and become inspired to create amazing dishes in your own kitchen.