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Farmhouse Gravy

Farmhouse Gravy

32oz. | Quart
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New and improved this year, our team of chefs have been hard at work perfecting our gravy recipe for the past two months. After batches and trials, they've settled on the perfect Lilac Hedge Farm gravy and we can't wait for you to enjoy it at your table this year.

Rich in flavor, perfectly balanced, and made with not only our house made stock but also local butter, shallots, and herbs.

To reheat, first thaw according to food safety guidelines. Once fully thawed reheat on the stove on low heat stirring constantly until you reach heated temperature. (Heat to 165 degrees.) NOTE: Separation while thawing is completely natural; as long as you stir thoroughly gravy will reheat beautifully as though it was never frozen.



Poultry stock, butter, flour, shallots, salt, pepper, herbs. Top Allergens: Milk, Wheat.