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Spatchcock Chicken

Spatchcock Chicken

$7.49/lb. Avg. 4lb .
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A yummy item we're stocking by popular demand: The Spatchcock Chicken.

This may be a slow oven-roasted dish you've enjoyed at a local restaurant. Now, we're making it possible for you to enjoy at home!

A spatchcock chicken is one of our pasture-raised whole chickens with the backbone removed so it can be "butterflied" and flattened for easy and versatile cooking.

This makes for a whole bird that can be cooked evenly and quickly on the grill or roasted in the oven marinated to your liking. It also provides the opportunity to create a delicious, crispy skin that can be browned to perfection.

A whole chicken can be roasted in a 450-degree oven in approximately only 40 minutes.