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Smoked Marrow Bone

Smoked Marrow Bone

3-6" Long
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Our customers are always looking for the best snacks and treats for their pets, and so are we! We know many people that use our ground and organ meats in their pets food, but we all know that our furry friends love a good treat, too.

If you're looking for an extra special treat, our smoked marrow bones are where it's at. Packed with nutrients and nourishing marrow, these bones are great for tooth cleaning and naturally gum strengthening. As with any treat or toy, we recommend keeping an eye on your pup while they enjoy this treat. Because it is smoked, we also recommend this as a treat that is provided outdoors or on hard floors that are easy to clean.

Our smoked marrow bones are sold by the piece. Although they can vary slightly, most are approximately 4" long and weight 10-12 ounces each.

Our regular marrow bones and smoked pig ears are great for your four-legged friends, too.