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Farmer's Choice Box: Large

Farmer's Choice Box: Large

20 Lb | Variety Box
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Do you enjoy the surprise of a "mystery box" showing up on your doorstep? If you prefer the experience of being provided an assortment of meats that encourage you to think outside of the box and try a new recipe, this box is for you. Modeled after the idea of our original CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program that dissolved in 2022, this box provides that surprise inclusion of items that some of our customers love.

Our LARGE Farmer's Choice Box will consist of at least 20 pounds of assorted meat raised right here on our farm as well as through our farming partners. You reap the benefits of a discount in choosing to get a "surprise box", and we benefit because you're assisting us in selling some of our cuts that we have additional stock of or may not fit our traditional product descriptions.

For example, we sell items in specific weight ranges, but at times we receive items back from our processors that don't fit that exact range. Perhaps it's a steak that is too thick, a roast that falls under the smaller weight range we prefer, or even the pack of sausages at the "end" of the process so there's only 2 links in the package. At times we process a chicken that has a scratch on its leg so the leg is removed during processing, but the rest of the chicken is perfect. There are many products that can make their way to this box, including products we simply have a surplus of!

Please Note: While this is a Farmer's Choice Box, we can accommodate dietary exclusions as needed. You can not choose specific cuts or exclude things such as ground meat or roasts, but if you have any allergy concerns or would like a full protein excluded (ie: "We do not eat pork") we can accommodate that request. Please indicate these notes in the comments section on the final checkout page.

This box will not include our prepared foods, organ meats, or bones unless requested as a possible inclusion. Our partnered farms that help us source bison, seafood, and other sustainably raised proteins may be included.



Assorted possible ingredients. Please note we may include marinated meats in our Farmer's Choice boxes, so if there are any allergy or ingredients that need to be avoided please indicate that in the comments section on the final checkout page.