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Beef Suet

Beef Suet

1 Per PK
$6.99 /lb.
Avg. 1.5 lb.

Suet is a type of fat found around the kidneys and loins of the cow.  It is white in appearance and has a crumbly and slightly drier feeling. It has a melting point between 113 and 122 degrees fahrenheit, and the high smoking point makes it a great option for frying as well as pastries, puddings, and pies.  Suet is used to render and make tallow, which is great for cooking and frying. This is a great way to use as many parts of the animal as possible, and promotes the idea of eating “nose to tail” with the idea of reducing food waste.  You can render your own beef suet into tallow by adding water to a pot and simmering on a low flame for a while until the only thing left is the solid meat that might be attached to the suet and the liquid fat in the pot. Or, if you want the tallow without all the simmering for hours, we sell containers of beef tallow rendered in our own kitchens by our cooks for easy and delicious tallow at the ready. 

Our beef suet comes in between one and three quarter pound packages of premium suet that are vacuum sealed for freshness. These cows have the best life possible when on our farm. From the moment they are born or brought to our farm, our animals are treated with the utmost respect.  Rotational grazing when the weather permits allows them to have the best health for the animals while also allowing proper stewardship of the pastures. Our animals are never fed animal by products and are never given growth hormones or steroids. 

Try our delicious  beef suet by ordering online to pick up at one of our many convenient pickup locations, home delivery, or visit our farm stand today and see all the other products we have to offer from local small businesses and become inspired to create amazing dishes in your own kitchen.