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The story direct from their website:

As the year 2000 came and went, my desire to work in a cubicle had also left. With the encouragement of my wife I left the corporate world and went to culinary school. But years of cooking and eating French food left me wanting something simple, healthy, and satisfying. This was the origination of Nutty Bird Granola. After leaving professional cooking to become a stay at home Dad to our two wonderful children, homemade granola became a staple in our meals from breakfast to dessert.

As our kids grew older, the time had come for me to get back to work. Still making granola for friends and family, the lightbulb came on. It was time to take something that we have spent over a decade making, pouring our heart and soul into, and introduce it to other people.

The idea of Nutty Bird was simple. Take the best ingredients you can, treat them with the utmost respect and care, and the result is a granola made of simple, basic ingredients. Handcrafted and baked in small batches. No filler, just quality ingredients that when combined still taste fresh and natural. Like something you had made in your own kitchen, for your own family.

But what do you name such a product? Nutty came along pretty easily because this granola is filled with cashews, California almonds and pumpkin seeds. But we needed more. That was when our newest family pet came to mind. Clover the Parakeet. With some great suggestions from our children, Nutty Bird Granola was officially born!

We hope you and your family enjoy it as much as we do!