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Sumatran French Roast Coffee

Sumatran French Roast Coffee

16oz | Bag

This Sumatran French Roast is one of their most popular dark roasted blends and we sell it regularly ground, perfect for auto-drip coffee makers.

[Roast Level] Dark

[Region] Takengon, Sumatra

[Cupping Notes] Full Body. Low Acidity. Earthy.

We’ve collaborated with this community to design and implement the following initiatives:

  • "Taking Flight" Migratory Bird Research and Reforestation Program
  • Protection and restoration of critical endangered species habitat, like orangutans
  • Water Piping Upgrade Project
  • Eco-management using Water Buffalo

Dean's Beans roasts great coffee and creates real change through creating:

Long Term Relationships, Shade-grown and Bird Friendly Coffee, Direct Farm-to-Roaster Trading, Solar-Powered Roasting Facility, and Organic Certification. Their list of incredible initiatives and admirable business choices is vast and we highly suggest we visit their website to learn all about why we have chosen this Orange, MA based company to be our coffee partner. They also have in-depth details on everything coffee related: tasting notes, how to brew, storage, and more!


100% regular grind roasted coffee beans.