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2 Pounds Local Honey

2 Pounds Local Honey

32oz. | Jar

We all know shopping local has enormous environmental benefits. But when it comes to local honey you’re helping yourself just as much as the local community and environment.

When honey is local, that means that the pollen that the bees collect and bring back to the hive is derived from local plants. Because many of these plants are what cause seasonal allergies, eating the honey that contains this pollen has been shown to help combat those allergies by desensitizing them to those items. Our honey comes from bees at pollinate most everything, so it's considered a Wildflower Honey. In addition, it's also minimally processed and pure. The purer the honey, the better the benefits.

Please note because this is "real" honey, it will eventually crystalize and solidify as all real honey should. The good news is that honey is the only food that never goes bad, ever! You can return the honey to its liquid state by gently heating it. Good as new!