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Swordfish Steak

Swordfish Steak

8-10oz. | Pkg.
$3 OFF thru Sept. 30th
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**$3 OFF thru Sept. 30th**

We sell our swordfish steaks from Jordan Brother's Seafood by the each, weighing an average of 8oz. per filet, so you can purchase exactly the number of servings you need. Carefully cleaned and sliced thick so when you're ready to cook you're starting with the perfect steak.

Wild caught in different areas of the Atlantic depending on the season, this firm and hearty fish is great for those that prefer a denser bite from their seafood. Excellent for searing on both sides and cooking just a few minutes until the desired doneness is reached in the middle, you can grill or pan cook these beauties. It is also a wonderful stewing fish because it remains intact and firm in a broth and doesn't dissolve like it's lighter counterparts. Try this in your favorite fish chowder or cioppino recipe.

Jordan Brothers Seafood is a family-owned seafood company that provides the freshest seafood in New England to their customers. With more than 25 years of experience, they have established a standard and quality assurance that we're proud to partner with.