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Smoked Paprika Salami

Smoked Paprika Salami

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Like the best Old-World artisans, Vermont Salumi allows each stick of salami to cure slowly and naturally for the most intense flavor development. 100 % vegetarian fed and raised without added hormones, just like our own pork.

All of their salami is packed in its original curing mold to continue flavor development even after sale, and their coarse grind provides a delightful chew to each bite.

A note on their awesome mold, from their website:

"Mold is beneficial to the aging and flavor development of salami, ours are inoculated with specific cultures to help this process. Our dry salami can have both white mold (penicillium nalgiovense) and blue/green mold (penicillium glaucum), similar to the mold found on cheese. Nalgiovense provides a mushroom like flavor and glaucum comes across more nutty. Depending on storage conditions mold may change in color. Salami can be kept at room temp but we recommend wrapping it in its packaging and keeping it refrigerated."



Pork, salt, red wine, spices, cultured celery powder, turbinado sugar, garlic, lactic acid starter culture.

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