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Mixed Seasonal Produce Box

Mixed Seasonal Produce Box

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A half-bushel mixed seasonal produce box that may includes items such as are listed below for the upcoming week.  We pack in half bushels and will deliver a full box valued at least at $40! 

The inclusions will change weekly, or even on days of the week, as availability presents itself from our farmer friends at collaborating farms. *EXCLUSIONS and SUBSTITUTIONS are not accepted.*

Some items you could see included in early July are: 

Mixed and Bagged Baby Greens, bunches of different greens and/or lettuce heads, various unique and staple herb bunches, mushrooms, garlic scapes, scallions and bunched spring season onions, broccoli, cauliflower, young root vegetables such as radish, beets, salad turnip, or carrots... even peas and beans when they're available!  We’re also into summer squash and cucumber season now so you’ll see those staples frequently!  As fruit is available we will include some as well!