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Haddock Fillet

Haddock Fillet

8oz. | Pkg.
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Haddock, though similar to cod, is a bit more delicate and has a finer flake with a slightly sweet flavor. The meat cooks very white and retains a moist texture. For all of our smoker lovers, it’s also well known as the best white fish for smoking.

Incredibly easy to cook, baking is one of the most popular ways to prepare this delicious fish. In a preheated oven at 350 degrees the fish takes only 15 minutes to cook. 

Excellent tossed in bread crumbs, sprinkled with your favorite herbs and garlic, or even slathered with a unique mustard for a unique spin on an easy weeknight meal. We enjoy making these for a sheet pan dinner, placing seasonal veggies drizzled with olive oil in the oven first to roast at 425 for 30 minutes. Then we take the sheet out and add the seasoned haddock while letting the oven cool to 350. We pop it all back in the oven for 15 minutes and you have an easy cleanup for a simple yet tasty dinner.

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