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Grey Sole Fillets

Grey Sole Fillets

8-10oz. | Pkg. 3-4 fillets per package
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This type of flounder has the same lovely mild, sweet flavor that a cod or tilapia has, but the meat is firmer that flakes in smaller pieces, making it a great addition to your next meal! This fish is very versatile: you can bake, broil, grill, sauté or fry.

Grey sole is reported to have made Julia Child love French cuisine, so try out her recipe of filet of sole to see for yourself just how delicious this fish is! A lemon butter sauce is the perfect accompaniment to this delicate and flavorful fish. 

Wild caught in the Atlantic close to home in Gloucester, these sustainably-harvested fillets are 100% all-natural.

Jordan Brothers Seafood is a family-owned seafood company that provides the freshest seafood in New England to its customers. With more than 25 years of experience, they have established a standard and quality assurance that we're proud to partner with.