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Cod Fillet

Cod Fillet

8-10oz. | Pkg.
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We sell our cod fillets from Jordan Brother's Seafood by the each, weighing 8oz. per filet, so you can purchase exactly the number of servings you need. Carefully hand skinned and cleaned so when you're ready to cook you're starting with the perfect fillet.

Fish and chips: A New England favorite. Whether you're looking for that traditional pairing or have just eaten and loved cod your whole life, this is exactly the catch you're looking for. Wild caught in the Atlantic, this is a chef favorite with its mild flavor and flaky texture. Lean and white it can be prepared by cooking in a skillet, baking, or grilling. Add your favorite local greens, potatoes, or other vegetables and you have a plate that's sure to please the whole family.

Jordan Brothers Seafood is a family-owned seafood company that provides the freshest seafood in New England to their customers. With more than 25 years of experience, they have established a standard and quality assurance that we're proud to partner with.