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Bulk Smoked Bacon 5lb Packages

Bulk Smoked Bacon 5lb Packages

5LB | PK
$11.99/lb. Avg. 5lb .
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Cured with: water, salt, brown sugar, dextrose, sodium nitrite, smoked flavoring. In case you're wondering, yes this product does contain nitrates as a brined/cured item. Nitrates come in many forms and if you eat things like ham, hot dogs, and salami you are usually eating nitrates, sometimes even if the label says uncured or no nitrates added. These items come in many label forms such as "saltpeter" or "celery powder" (celery is grown in nitrate infused soils to absorb it in high levels for processing and adding to food). The good news is meat products are only a small portion of your daily nitrate intake, as most of the nitrates we consume in our everyday diets come from vegetables. If you would prefer to choose nitrate free items we do offer those, and you can also purchase uncured items to season at home as well; many of our customers purchase cuts to cure and brine at home!

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