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Bone-in Half Smoked Ham (Nitrate Free)

Bone-in Half Smoked Ham (Nitrate Free)

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$11.99/lb. $9.99/lb. Avg. 6lb .
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A half ham weighing between 6-8 pounds. If you have a weight preference please indicate on your order notes when you submit. Providing as much detail as possible will help our team fit your needs.

Our nitrate free hams are truly free of all nitrates: even those "naturally" occurring in tricky additives like celery powder.

Containing only salt, brown sugar, and water, this nitrate free bacon is also darker in color because of the complete lack of nitrates.

Although smoked, this is not a cooked product and you'll want to make sure you cook it to an internal temperature of 145 degrees as the guideline set by the USDA. Easy to bake it whole in the oven, just make sure to cover to it retain the moisture and keep an eye on the internal temperature so it doesn't dry out. Many people add broth or water in the base of the roasting pan to help "steam" the ham, or add moisture rich sweet foods to the exterior such as pineapple rings.

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