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3 PK Asparagus Bundles

3 PK Asparagus Bundles

3 PK | 1 LB Bundles
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Although we typically only offer produce as part of our mixed produce box, we decided for the first full week of asparagus season to offer it in 3 pack bundles!

This is for (3) 1 pound bundles of fresh harvested famous "Hadley Grass" - asparagus spears. This is for a LIMITED TIME only, so take advantage of this bundle while it's available.

Asparagus will be wrapped in a bag with a wet paper towel to keep stem bases moist during transport. Please make sure to slightly trim ends and hold asparagus in your refrigerator in water as soon as you are able to receive it -- treat it just like a living flower you need to keep cool for best quality!

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