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Ryan has always had a passion for animals, starting out raising rabbits and peacocks then moving up to goats, sheep, and a CAMEL! Yes a Camel, Ryan bought his pet camel Joshua when he was 18. He uses the camel as part of a traveling petting zoo where he and Tom travel around to different fairs and events. Ryan has been business oriented for much of his life from starting a Christmas tree operation while he was young to the traveling petting zoo and now Lilac Hedge Farm.

Ryan attended UMASS Amherst for agricultural business with a focus on livestock management. Ryan sits on Massachusetts State Livestock Comittee, and is a very active member of Massachusetts Farm Bureau Young Farmers and Ranchers Comittee.  He also sits on the board of directors for Worcester County Farm Bureau

Tom’s passion for animals and farm work came about while working on a farm through high school and college where he originally met Ryan. Tom has always been a hands on worker and enjoys working on vehicles and equipment which comes in handy on a farm. Tom grew fond of the work that was entailed on the farm from caring for animals to building sheds, fixing/building fences and tractor work. Shortly after meeting Ryan, Tom started working with him at his Christmas tree operation and traveling petting zoo. This started the partnership which has evolved and grown into Lilac Hedge Farm.

Tom attended Worcester State University and studied Criminal Justice. Tom is also a member of Massachusetts Farm Bureau Young Farmers and Ranchers