Signing Up – When you sign up, a secure, online member profile is created for you with your share options, your pick-up location, and your account activity. You can view and edit your account, change your pick up location, credit card info, or password just by signing in to your account.

Payments – You can pay by paper check in the mail or credit card. You pay for your six month share in full, in advance. We bill your Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover credit or debit card when you register to be a CSA member. We do not store any of your personal or financial information on our website. Our order site is run by Farmigo and your information is stored securely by

Picking Up Your Order – Please make every effort to pick up your share as scheduled. We make a commitment to supply your family with natural, sustainable meats every month and we hope you will commit to pickups.  If you know you will not be able to make a pickup, we ask that you make arrangements with a friend to pick up your CSA share for you. When at your selected location, check in with the Lilac Hedge Farm employee to receive your share. This allows us to accurately track pickups.

Missing Your Pick Up – If you miss your pick up, email CSA Manager at to discuss options to get your share. We generally allow members to receive a double share the following month however it is your responsibility to make arrangements for the missed pickup.

Changing Your Pick Up Location – If you want to change your pick up location, please do so 3 days before your pick up date. If you switch and then want to switch back, you’ll need to log into your account again to do so.

Communications – Lilac Hedge Farm communicates with you via email on a regular basis to inform you of a payment or to remind you of a scheduled pick up. Sometimes we will need to send out alerts about your order or inform you about happenings on our farm. By becoming a member of our CSA, you are agreeing to open and read all email communications as soon as you see them since much of the information is time sensitive.

Cancellations – Any cancellation must occur 48 hours before your first pickup. At that time a refund will be processed.

Returning Your Bag – Please return your insulated bag when you pick up your next CSA Share.

Privacy Policy – We do not sell, rent or give our email list, customer list or any personal /financial information to anyone. EVER!

Our Guarantee – Lilac Hedge Farm meats are raised responsibly with extreme attention to care, comfort, nutrition and the quality of the animals. Our animals are raised on pasture without the use of added growth hormones or vaccinations.

Thank You! – Your membership to Lilac Hedge Farm Meat CSA reflects your commitment to both quality meat and sustainable agriculture, thank you for your support.