e505ca_5c6000db7b67450881a5ba6aebac4047Our pigs are raised on wooded lots, foraging and rooting for feed. Since pigs are not ruminants like sheep and cows, they need some amount of grain in their diet to survive. Besides what they forage for, they also eat leftover fruits and vegetables, as well as natural grain produced here in Massachusetts.


We purchase all of our feed in Massachusetts to support our local farmers and reduce our carbon foot print. Our grain farmer grows all of the grain in western MA, he harvests the corn and it is then dried and put in storage. When we show up to buy grain, the dry corn it is taken from storage and put into a grinder/mixer where proteins and minerals are added to make a perfect nutritious ration for our hogs diet.


With our pigs we breed for mothering ability. We do not use geststation crates on our farm for farrowing. Rather, we have stalls for pregnant moms that have a 2 foot wall divider that sits just high enough for the piglets to walk under to get out of harms way when mom goes to laydown. we rely heavily on the tameness and calmness of our sows, we spend extra time making sure they are comfortable with human interaction at all times.