CSA Sample Share

Our CSA sample share is a mixture of beef, pork, lamb, and poultry. This share will represent what your typical meat CSA share will include. During winter months it will consist of more roasting and slow cooking cuts while summer time will include more grilling items.

  • 10lb Sample Share- $100
  • 15lb Sample Share $150
  • 20lb Sample Share $200

Grilling Sampler

The grilling sample is perfect for the sustainable backyard griller. It may include a variety of great grilling steaks such as T-Bone, Porterhouse, Ribeye, as well as steak tips, pork chops, sausages, kielbasa, chicken breasts or leg quarters.

  • 10lb Grilling Sample $150

Breakfast Sampler – $100

This mixture is perfect for that Sunday morning brunch. It will include plenty delicious cuts of breakfast meat including our famous smoked bacon and ham steaks, and maple brown sugar sausage patties. Your sampler will consist of 8lbs of meat, as well as pure maple Syrup from our friends at Hollis Hills Farm, and 2 dozen eggs from our own happy hens.

Build Your Own Package

Choose Package Choose Items

Pick 5 – $150

Pick 10 – $290

Pick 15 – $430

Multiple of one letter can be selected. Email us to order

A) 4lbs Ground Beef B) 2lbs Steak Tips C) 4lbs Stew Beef
D) 3lbs Brisket E) 4lbs Short Ribs F) 1.5lbs Sirloin Strip
G) 1 Whole Duck H) 3lbs Breakfast Patties I) 3lbs Sweet Linked Sausage
J) 3lbs Hot Linked Sausage K) 4lbs Ground Pork L) 3lbs Pork Chops
M) 3lbs Regular Pork Ribs N) 3lbs Butt Roast O) 3lbs Ground Turkey
P) 3lbs Bacon Q) 3lbs Ground Lamb R) 2lbs Lamb Burgers (8oz Patties)
S) 2lbs Lamb Kabobs T) 3lbs Lamb Stew Meat U) 2lbs Lamb Rib Chops
V) 2 Whole Chickens W) 3lbs Boneless Chicken Breasts X) 4lbs Chicken Drumsticks
Y) 4 lbs Chicken Thighs Z) 5 Packs of meat sticks

Whole/Half Animals



We have many products which we offer through wholesale sales. In addition to the cuts listed on our cut list above, we also produce a wide line of sausages, charcuterie, all natural meat sticks, grass fed beef jerky, all from our own pasture raised meats. We deliver to Central Massachusetts and Metro-Boston area weekly. Please contact us for wholesale pricing and information